Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trying New Paper with Colored Pencil

This is a small sketch, about 8x5 inches, from a photo I took quite a few years ago. I'm trying out a new paper, U-Art sanded, I think about 600 grit.(If that's how you describe it.) Toni James suggested I try it, and handed me a couple of pieces to play with.

This is my first go at it, and I think I can get along with this paper. It's not finished (and may never go beyond this!) but it does take lots of layers, and you can put light over dark which is a great advantage. I will have to try more pieces and more subjects.

 Anyway, here is The Happy Trader as an experiment.


  1. Jeri, he looks great and yes, that's 600 grit. I think you did great on this guy, but not enough layers! I'll show you next time we get together, you'll see!

  2. Haven't tried that paper, but your drawing is looking good :)

  3. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate the good words. Toni, I have been putting more layers on and I am seeing your point! And, I look forward to having you show me more about UART.