Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pencil Ponders

My first love in art has always been pencil. When I was in high school, I was commissioned to do a large drawing of a standardbred racehorse in pencil. He was a pacer, and the image was about 24 x 36. Sadly, I no longer have an image of that piece. I was very familiar with the standardbred racehorses and harness, so it wasn't too difficult, and the owner was pleased with the final result.

Here are a couple of graphite pieces.

This is from a photo taken at a dressage schooling show I attended when we lived in South Texas. The horse was quite advanced, the rider not so much.

This is Alpha and Omega, now in the collection of Scott Campbell, of Campbell Properties in South Texas. I got some nice photos of these brahmas in New Mexico when we lived there. Interestingly, Alpha is the guy behind the yucca, and Omega is the big guy in front. I was standing on the road by our van taking the pics, and my helpful husband rumbled a "Maaaa" at them. The black guy rapidly came out and started at me. I beat a quick retreat to the van and off we went! Thanks, dear!

This last one is a polar bear from a pic I got at a zoo. If anyone sees the original, please let me know, because it was STOLEN at an art show in McAllen, Texas.

Anyway, from time to time I have to go back to the pencil, just to refresh myself.

Best, Jeri

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