Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rain and Wind in the Desert

We had a little storm a couple of days ago, in the desert.

This is from our garage/shop, looking at our neighbor's place, with a new 'lake' in our yard.


And next we see the view looking east toward the mountains, also from our garage/shop. Patches, the mini goat, is standing on his house and you can just see Jet, the Airedale, standing by our storage building. The lake extended out to our gate.


And finally a couple of shots of the south side of our house, showing what the wind can do when it gets a chance. 

Blessed rain, but doggone the wind!


  1. Wow, your place looks a bit like ours! We didn't get any wind damage, not that it didn't try to cause some damage though. We're completely saturated here. Water is now just sitting on top of the ground with no where to go.

    Is the horse in the first pic yours? Cute goat btw. :p

  2. The horse belongs to our neighbors, and the goat is ours. He is Patches, about 4 years old now. He's a lot of fun!